groined arch

groin arch, groined arch

One arched division of cross vaulting.
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As constructed, it is about 1,035 ft long by 550 ft wide and 40 ft high from the floor to the crown of the groined arch roof.
supporting the non-reinforced groined arch roof with a height of 5 ft above the springing line, a cantilevered clear span of 8 ft 10-3/4 in.
The top surface of each groined arch is parabolic and the bottom surface is elliptical.
Also, as a membrane, the dimensions of the perimeter barrel arch were selected to resist the groined arch thrust, the weight of overlying soil, the weight of the barrel arches, and live loads.
These roof distress patterns were confined to the perimeter bay of the barrel arch and the exterior half of the first interior groined arch.
In the meantime, a finite element computer analysis of one groined arch unit (one column with four supported groined arches) was made to evaluate the true distribution of horizontal forces.
The distress of the barrel arch and the adjacent groined arch, are shown on Figure 2.