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Defra says that there is evidence the SDA produced by corn gromwell can be converted to the same sort of essential fatty acid found in oily fish.
INNOVATIVE CROP Corn gromwell and, inset, Jim Paice
Dremluk, "Judge Robert Gerber (Southern District of New York), approved a settlement of pending disputes and sale of substantially all of the assets by Gromwell LLC and it affiliated debtors to 24 Seven Acquisition LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of 24 Seven Inc.
Gromwell is a strategic addition to 24 Seven's growing infrastructure.
24 Seven and Gromwell are merging to continue to satisfy the demanding needs of the fashion staffing industry and to build stronger relationships with our clients and candidates, to keep their needs and cultures in mind with every placement.
According to Tom Foley, former CEO of Gromwell and a new C-Level executive at 24 Seven, "This is the best possible outcome at the best possible time in the economy for the two companies.