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/gronk/ Popularised by Johnny Hart's comic strip "B.C." but the word apparently predates that.

1. To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it. More severe than "to frob" (sense 2).

2. [TMRC] To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.

3. The sound made by many 3.5-inch diskette drives. In particular, the microfloppies on a Commodore Amiga go "grink, gronk".
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Since the start of last season, New England is 12-1 without Gronk.
As Jake has blossomed into a teenager who absolutely adores the outdoors, I am not sure whether he now fishes for pikeminnows primarily for the fun of it or for the satisfaction he gets from continuing his longstanding relationship with Gronk.
He's out most nights enjoying life full Gronk ahead.
10) Gronk and Herron had already independently established themselves as muralists before working together as Asco.
The influence of Hollywood can be seen in the compositions of Ruscha and the staged happenings of Chicano artist Gronk, a co-founder of 1970's conceptual art group, Asco.
After several cycles repeating this song of imitations, he embarks on a back-and-forth kind of dance, with his two feet on the vines, shaking them enough so that the trees high up in front and behind him also shake, and he emits a different, precise type of rhythmic music that is original and exact: gronk gronk gronk brr brr brr brr brr.
Along, long time ago, in a cozy cave far, far away (southern Europe), a recently evolved human male named Gronk set up cavekeeping with his wife, Gronketta, and their young son, Grunior.
Nicknamed "Drago" in high school because of his resemblance to the Russian boxer in the movie "Rocky IV," Gronkowski - also known as Gronk, for obvious reasons - set an Arizona school record for a tight end with 525 receiving yards last year.
cartoonist Johnny Hart's Gronk the dinosaur character will be placed in many Binghamton, N.
Check out the two-man exhibition "Momento," featuring Gronk and Ricardo Garcia and coming to Los Angeles' Metro Gallery.
Gronk, spokesman for the elders, blames this on the recent invention of fire.
Sellars's production strikes ritualistic gestures against a painted Guernica-like mural, designed by the artist known as Gronk.