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The dimensionless gas-film thickness H is determined by the groove orientation angle [theta].
12 [Spring 1989]: 57-81) has probably made the strongest claims for groove as a value, as a cultural practice we should value, rather than a disinterested play of forms.
SUMMARY: Morphometric analysis of vertical groove on the anterior surface of the tibia has been studied by many authors like Humphrey G et al, (6) Fick R (7) The present study was done in seventy adult human tibiae (Right: Left 35:35).
The presence of this groove does not always indicate the development of pathology.
Palato gingival groove is also termed as palatal radicular groove, radicular anomaly, distolingual groove and radicular lingual groove.
We have allowed the width of the groove insert to be incorporated in this value, with 0.
If that drilled roll has grooving added, (usually 8 grooves per inch, .
Active control of the grooved feed section is achieved by varying the groove geometry during the extrusion process.
At first glance, Groove, a free program that can be downloaded from http://www.
Unique features are distinguishable (Although parents and their children have similar groove traits, the prints are not identical, even in the case of identical twins.
The projections protrude out of the wall surface of the shoulder lateral groove without reaching a center of a groove width of the shoulder lateral groove and are lined up in a length direction of the shoulder lateral groove in an outside area in the tire width direction from the ground contact end.