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The rate base is the quotient from the division of the gross expense by the gross area to arrive at the cost per square meter.
Construction gross area. The total of all the horizontal floor areas (as viewed on a floor plan) of all floors of a building contained within their building perimeters excluding voids.
The property provides a gross area of 1,740 sq ft and is available to rent at pounds 20,000 per year.
ft on built up and 400 on gross area. The price for buyers under payment plan is Dh790 per sq.
This year's event will be 32% bigger than the 2008 edition and will cover a gross area of more than 38,000sqm.
The site has a gross area of 2.7 hectares (6.7 acres) and is for sale through Hitchcock Wright & Partners on behalf of Sefton Council, the trustees of St Mary's and British Waterways.
Gross Area includes Net Area plus all area necessary to contain, connect and power Net Areas.
Hennin-Normier-Lelievre have produced a decent, humane and approachable residential home and day centre, adapted to its context and the complexity of the brief, within a limited budget (a gross area of 4274 m, fully equipped, for FF 41 million).
The company owns 88 properties totalling 16.3m sq ft of gross area that can be leased.
The project is located in Mirfa city on a plot with a gross area of 38,951m 2 .
Upon completion, the shopping centre will have a gross area of 22,000 sq m and 3,000 sq m of covered car park.
i-Rise offers prime commercial space with a gross area of 31,000 sq ft per floor.