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length standard, GGC cable with Zener diode for use with ground check controls.
Decide when and whom to check, and for what Numerous subsets of screening services may be included in an employment back- ground check.
A critical (but simple) ground check you did not mention is when examining the through-bolts holding the nosewheel scissors to the airplane, put a wrench on the bolt head and turn it.
Sudden inspection of ration shops, ground check and working on modern technology to bring more transparency is part of my work.
They should do a back ground check on the winner so that money doesn't end up funding terror#becareful
Relevant record was collected, concerned were examined and ground check was conducted.
We will do a ground check as well as a review of AirAsia's operations in Indonesia to ensure that all of its activities are better in the future," Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan told reporters.
Whenever I came to a back ground check, I was told that due to my conviction they couldn't use me.
In the long run, the federal government should perform ground check of all the completed or ongoing government uplift projects, including schools and dispensaries.
NAB team is currently on its visit to Galliayat, conducting ground check and scrutinizing the relevant record to dig-out the facts in the case.
Yesterday, thunder gave notice of the death rattle of summer and the accompanying downpours in many parts mean that a ground check will be imperative before a bet today.
The top five states with the most back ground check in 2009 and their percentage of increases over 2008 were: