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As VF-31 and VF-213 conduct the final deployment of the F-14 Tomcat, on board Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), their aircraft are now equipped to provide real-time reconnaissance and target identification data to forward ground controllers.
The new system allows forward ground controllers to see what the aircraft is seeing in real time," said Lt.
Astronauts and ground controllers would be able to communicate with the spacecraft and monitor its ``vital signs'' remotely.
Search helicopters spotted the crash site some three hours after the plane lost contact with ground controllers.
The test successfully demonstrated the unique Block IV weapon system communication capability between Tucson, tactical ground controllers and the in-flight missile.
Researchers are also testing smart structures, materials embedded with computerized sensors that would alert the crew and ground controllers to sudden problems and suggest a fix.
The Swedavia data communication system--based on VHF Data Link (VDL)-Mode 4 technology--also supplied the same information to the ground controllers using Raytheon displays in the operational CNS/ATM system at Ulan Bator International Airport.
Instead of firing the Mir's engines to bring the space station to a lower orbit, ground controllers would now wait for the Mir to descend to a lower altitude by its own gravitational weight before firing the engines that would send it plunging into the Pacific.
I grasped the authors' conclusions that KAL 007's radio reports were designed to fool ground controllers that the plane was on Course and on time and that another Korean airliner might have been helping relay false information as part of a conspiracy.
Ground controllers at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida called off the landing minutes before they started the procedure.
To help lower those risks, Lieberman plans to design word tests for ground controllers so they can make sure fliers' heads aren't "in the clouds" when they reach the clouds.
Following its deployment from Pegasus, the DART spacecraft embarked on a planned 24-hour mission to locate, rendezvous with and conduct close-proximity maneuvers around another in-orbit satellite, all without the benefit of human pilots or ground controllers directing the mission operations.