ground fill

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1. Soil, crushed stone, or waste materials, used to raise an existing grade or as a man-made deposit.
2. The depth or the volume of such material so added.
3. A cementitious material such as concrete or terrazzo, which is placed over a metal substructure to provide the wearing surface of a tread or platform.
4. Aggregate placed on a roof decking, 2 to form the appropriate design slope.
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And now, after talks between the school, Redcar and Cleveland Council, contractor Carillion and PFI manager Robertson Capital Projects, the decision has been made to close the school so ground floor slab and ground fill material can be removed and replaced.
Children are playing on the wet ground filled with greenish raw sewage.
"The Diyala Energy Police, relying on intelligence information, raided the oil smuggling yard in the Kanaan area, where the operation resulted in the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of eight new tankers set up in the ground filled with oil products and a vehicle type Kia carrying two tanks," Spokesman for the Directorate, Captain Ali al-Maliki said in a statement.
Yet milling around the streets beforehand as the ground filled up, and sitting in the stands, you would never have known the hostile background, with green and blue mingling happily.
If there are dense copper patterns on one side, try including copper "fill flooding" by using ground fills on the opposite side to balance out the copper on each side.
OFFENDERS have been praised for transforming an overgrown dumping ground filled with broken booze bottles and rubbish into a thriving community garden, as part of an unpaid work project.
Club bosses have outlined plans for housing away supporters which will see the popular W6 and W7 of the ground filled with Saints fans.
| Soakaway or rainwater harvesting If it is not possible to discharge the rainwater from your roof into the drain, then you could consider installing a soakaway, which is basically a lined pit in the ground filled with stones that holds the water and allows it to gradually percolate into the ground around it.
At 3:30 pm, the team was well equipped with boots, shovels and other tools, digging into the ground filled with good soil and planted seeds of basil leaves, rosemary, banana leaves, tomato plants, olives, figs, aloe vera and a few colorful flowers.
Yet while the Peshmerga give every measure of devotion to protect their land, picnickers often leave the ground filled with aluminum cans, glass bottles, and other pieces of trash, rather than taking a few minutes to honor those protecting it by picking up.