ground level

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ground line

The level of the surface of the ground, above (or below) which the height of a structure (or depth of excavation) is measured.
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The Doha Metro network consists of four lines extending to 354 km across the Greater Doha area, connecting the city's two central points with larger commercial, residential and dynamic areas in Downtown Doha, and operating underground in busy areas, and on-and-above the ground levels in the suburbs.
The complexity of ground level containers is often overlooked because companies assume unloading will be easy until they realise that the lip provides a significant obstacle," explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries.
The agency added: "It is important to stress that the concentration of particles which may reach ground level is likely to be low and should not cause serious harm.
Also on the lower ground level is the sun lounge which runs alongside the courtyard, and there is also the fairly large matter of a 25' 3" indoor heated swimming pool.
About three years ago my husband built up a 10-15 foot circular, soil-filled base planted with pachysandra, hostas, and bulbs that ranges from ground level to about 2 feet deep as the tree is on a slope.
Eventually, tree philodendron has to be cut down nearly to ground level, from where it will start growing again, in order to be controlled.
The Link-Belt wheel loaders (models 120, 125 and 130) feature Power-Link geometry which gives Link-Belt loaders a higher breakout force compared to traditional Z-bar geometry both at the ground level and across the entire lift range.
The new wheel will feature a large self-rotating cabin floor stability system, which keeps the cabin's floor horizontal to the ground level.
These reflect sunlight back into space, thereby cooling temperatures at ground level for up to 2 years, says Vincent Gauci of the Open University in Milton Keynes, England.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nine percent of airborne pollutants contributing to ground level ozone come from the VOCs in paint.
Today there are other options, such as feeding the shredder with an enclosed, two-wheeled him from ground level or from within the unit.
The aerial remote sensing data coincided with the ground level measurements indicating the potential benefit of the aerial photography in identifying problems within the agricultural fields.