ground level

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ground line

The level of the surface of the ground, above (or below) which the height of a structure (or depth of excavation) is measured.
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The additional area, which is around 150 sq km, had also been exempted from the height limitation of 500 feet above ground level for planning high-rise buildings.
These shrubs also tend to send up many new shoots from ground level each year.
Lower Ground Level, 726-233 Tong Yang Shabu Shabu Express The happiest time of the year calls for a grand gastronomic feast!
The ground level will also be home to a graband-go style library section for customers who are short of time.
The Doha Metro project will be conducted over two stages: the first, scheduled to be completed in 2019, entails a network of 37 stations, among which the Musheireb Station, located in the heart of Doha, will be the metro network's headquarters and the intersection point for three of its four lines (Red, Green and Gold) covering 84 km in length (96 km underground, 11 km above ground, and 4 km on ground level).
When the cops closed in on him, he really, really needed to pull a disappearing act, or somehow get down to the ground level so he could keep running.
While generally situated at ground level, shipping containers usually have a lip between the ground and the container floor that complicates the effectiveness of forklift trucks when unloading pallets.
Visitors ascending the 324-metre (1,062-foot) structure were ordered to return to ground level and move away from the area.
If there is no obvious pipework behind the wall, which I doubt, then I would check the outside ground level, as it's common when installing driveways or landscaping for the ground level to rise and bridge the "damp-proof course", which causes low-level dampness.
If the ground water level is below this then the bricks above ground level will become damp but they won't often be saturated.
The new-look bigger and better Plug-Ins store will offer Abu Dhabi customers an enormous 350-brand inventory of consumer electronics spread across nearly 20,000 square feet area on the lower ground level (earlier located on the Ground level) with a vibrant customer-friendly design and easy product access.
Taking their pictures from ground level gave Barrie Wilkins and Jill Sneesby a view rarely seen by visitors to African game reserves - who are limited to taking pictures from the safety of a vehicle.