ground pine

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ground pine,

common name for several creeping plants, particularly species of club mossclub moss,
name generally used for the living species of the class Lycopodiopsida, a primitive subdivision of vascular plants. The Lycopodiopsida were a dominant plant group in the Carboniferous period, when they attained the size of trees, and contributed to the coal deposits
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Judging by the bounty of healthy young hemlock trees and the abundance of evergreen plants such as ground pines and trailing arbutus, deer are not as plentiful in the sand plains as in many areas.
Then, though he felt "gathering weeds" a little foolish, "love sent me to the top of the hill to get ground pine"--greens.
Inclusion of ground pine twigs into agar media has recently been used by Uzunovic and Webber [13] to study growth rates and patterns of growth of various bluestain species.