ground plan

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ground plan, ground plot

The plan of a building taken at ground level.
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(vi) the dimensions of ground plan which is 28.87 mm x 29.76 mm (0.05[lambda] mm x 0.05154[lambda] mm) used as a reflector.
Within the protected site, the ground plan of the Priory church nave was left exposed, but before the ruins were cleared to make way for the Pearl Building or Capital Tower as it is now called, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of several monks.
The Government refused to order a public inquiry, after deciding the ground plan was a local matter that could be determined by the city council.
The views are fab, but presenter Kevin McCloud comes over all sniffy when he discovers the pair have thrashed out their ground plan by talking to friends, instead of consulting an architect.
(One exception is Johannesburg, built on a gold seam instead.) In determining a location, an accessible supply of drinking water, waterways for goods transport and efficient sewage removal were all crucial factors that shaped the ground plan and evolution of settlements.
There aren't any pitches in the vicinity of the scheduled ground plan in Stanley Park, and surely Liverpool FC requires a modern-day stadium with its up-to-date facilities.
One problem with the illustrations is that the letters and numbers in Appendix II, a "Key to the Location of Paintings and Sculpture" are barely visible in the corresponding half-page reproduction of the sixteenth-century ground plan. There are also numerous misspellings and typographical errors that could have been corrected by a conscientious copyeditor.
"Until now, it was known for its four-storey tower, but now we've completed the construction of two big defence towers, which are bigger in size in the ground plan than the first one," said Martin Sarossy, the reconstruction's coordinator, as quoted by the SITA newswire.The towers were situated more under the ground than above.
A ground plan for the farm survives from 1734, when it was called Lodge Farm.
Its ground plan is a dodecahedron made of concrete which changes as it ascends to a slatted hexagon of steel and timber, similar in construction to the helmets over the home classrooms of the junior school, and reminiscent of Renzo Piano's cultural centre in New Caledonia (AR December 1998).