ground plan

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ground plan, ground plot

The plan of a building taken at ground level.
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a) the higher regional entity for the approval and updating of the ground plan and b) the municipality (town or village) for the same reason.
More economical than adding square feet to the ground plan, adding cubic feet overhead can give light and surrpising new drama to a room that may have started with only an 8-foot ceiling.
The tender contains the supply and installation of a roof truss for a flat roof in elliptical ground plan.
Within the protected site, the ground plan of the Priory church nave was left exposed, but before the ruins were cleared to make way for the Pearl Building or Capital Tower as it is now called, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of several monks.
The Government refused to order a public inquiry, after deciding the ground plan was a local matter that could be determined by the city council.
The ground plan of Nutcracker - plot first, followed by a series of set displays, meant that the true action for balletomanes came after the interval - a reminder of the artistry of Darci Kistler and Damien Woetzel's celebrated pairing as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier.
The views are fab, but presenter Kevin McCloud comes over all sniffy when he discovers the pair have thrashed out their ground plan by talking to friends, instead of consulting an architect.
In determining a location, an accessible supply of drinking water, waterways for goods transport and efficient sewage removal were all crucial factors that shaped the ground plan and evolution of settlements.
One problem with the illustrations is that the letters and numbers in Appendix II, a "Key to the Location of Paintings and Sculpture" are barely visible in the corresponding half-page reproduction of the sixteenth-century ground plan.
The main building a is designed as a five-storey, Rectangular ground plan, While the last 5th floor is designed as a recessed, Where it is possible to have terraces.
Aa proposal for five permanent 150ft high floodlights is at the centre of the Edgbaston Cricket ground plan
Segedunum is also the only fort in the western Roman Empire where the complete ground plan of a fort can be viewed from a 35-metre tower and it is the most excavated fort within the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall.