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Moving Ground Planes are the gold standard for aerodynamic research and product development.
It attempts to solve the issue of having a low profile for automotive styling by staying close to the ground plane.
based on this we will compare whether replacing the ground plane with single and double layered metamaterial enhances its return loss and band width or not.
The structure is divided into four layers for the power plane, ground plane, ground plane and power plane, respectively.
However, the height of the main radiator element above the ground plane in both antennas is 10 mm.
Predict accurately the H-plane amplitude pattern of rectangular and circular apertures mounted on a ground plane with straight edges over a dynamic range of 0-60 dB.
This helped a little, but at the end of the day, that solder still did not want to flow up through that ground plane.
The problem is how to determine the 3D coordinates of three points that are located on the ground plane.
Vias can serve as a path to ground from traces on one layer of a PCB to the ground plane.
For example, to provide charge to an IC capacitors must be connected from the proper power plane to the ground plane and be placed close to the IC power/ground pins to minimize distance inductance.