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ground plan, ground plot

The plan of a building taken at ground level.
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Contract award notice:The building R11T of the University of Duisburg Essen is to be renovated on the floors above the library as part of the modernization measures and the ground plans are to be restructured according to the changed usage profile of the university.
Both volumes are heavily illustrated with drawings, historic prints and other images, b&w photos, maps, and site and architectural drawings, including several fold-out drawings and ground plans. (A 2007 volume presented analysis of the human remains from the parish cemetery.) Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Co.
NUNEATON BOROUGH'S hopes of getting the go-ahead for new ground plans at Liberty Way have received a setback.
New ground plans merely highlight the fact that the developers are just greedy and intend on squeezing maximum cash out the club - pounds 500million is a load of rubbish - how come it only cost Southampton pounds 28m to build their own stadium then?
In the area of the AK Kaiserberg to AS Essen-Frohnhausen, ground plans are to be compiled for a total of 18 bridge structures, 3 rainwater retention basins and 9 supporting walls.
Filled with historic photos, ground plans, drawings, and current photos for those buildings still extant, each entry describes the conception of the project, the patron or company responsible, the building's design, the estimate, budget, and process of building.
The organization of the ground plans with residential units and / or the orientation of some apartments exclusively to the interior of the block ensure that the buildings are encircled from the front by the front and that the back-lit areas are avoided.
The volume is well illustrated throughout with b&w images and ground plans as well as a group of color plates.
- Creation of ground plans for residential and commercial units- Creating GebEnudeansichten- Living area calculations for residential and commercial units / House- Technical stocktaking in residential and commercial units- Technical inventory at / in the building / house.