ground power unit

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ground power unit (GPU)

An external power source providing a power supply for the aircraft system, engine starting, and aircraft servicing.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Of Ground Power Unit (Qty-05) For Bsf (Goa)
A letter from Cessna to CJ4 owners after the incident cautioned: "Do not connect a ground power unit to the airplane if you have reason to believe the battery may be in a depleted state .
Mechanics, when an aviation ground power unit (AGPLI) is connected to an aircraft and powered up (with the outpower switch in the ON position), did you know the AGPU's electrical and hydraulic power can cause aircraft components or systems to activate inadvertently?
Supply Of A Mobile Ground Power Unit For With The Additional Options Of One Unit Per Year For Three Years (4 In Total Over 4 Yrs)
We overcame this problem by using the ground power unit (GPU) you listed on Page 8 of PS 622 (Sep 04).
Limited Tenders are invited for Amc Of Two Ground Power Unit (Gpu) At Nae (Pbd)
Almost every crew chief or mechanic has used an aviation ground power unit (AGPU).
With funding from the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT), Enova will integrate its HybridPower 120kW drive system and fuel cell power management systems into the Workhorse van for routine base operations and have the capability to serve as a Ground Power Unit for the Air Force to power up aircraft and equipment during maintenance operations.
You can solve this problem by buying a ground power unit (GPU), NSN 6130-01475-5321, for your motor pool.
Tenders are invited for purchase of one (1) new, 2017 aero specialty jetgo 600mti-rj ground power unit capable of starting a wide variety of business and general aviation aircraft.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Of Statcon Solid State Ground Power Unit (90 Kva) (Qty 05) For Bsf (Goa)