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And how delightful is a walk when the frozen ground rings beneath our swinging tread--when our blood tingles in the rare keen air, and the sheep-dogs' distant bark and children's laughter peals faintly clear like Alpine bells across the open hills!
The ground ring provides plenty of stiffness--the flex equatorial platform merely holds the bearings in the right place.
The underpass of a transformer was implemented on metal 1, as was the ground ring. A pair of dual MIM capacitors, located at the end of the resonators, used the top electrode and metal 1.
In this section, the wide-band defected ground ring antenna is studied in detail.
A radial electrodes connected to a ground ring bonded together is one sure way of dividing the lightning current [9].
In the gear bearing reducer version, the load goes from output ring to upper planet to lower planet to ground ring, a much stronger path, according to Vranish.
The occupied area of the designed glass IPD dual-band bandpass filter, excluding the outer ground ring and test pads, is 1 mm x 0.9 mm.
The escalation of violence and war crimes committed by both regime loyalists and rebel forces in addition to the arbitrary shelling of troops from the air and on the ground rings alarm bells, underlining the fact that if an urgent and viable solution to the worsening situation on the ground cannot be found, the death toll could rise to such frightening levels as 30,000 or 40,000 by the end of the year.
Under the close-cropped green pick cracked ground rings like a drum, a