ground level

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ground line

The level of the surface of the ground, above (or below) which the height of a structure (or depth of excavation) is measured.
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delivery of a "hybrid micro fiber system" monofilament system for the production of basalt filaments table of contents job offers employees and officials education and study information on job vacancies information about study courses looking for job vacancies tenders tenders awarded contracts information on invitations to tender search tips for tenders service imprint data protection contact newsletter open data rss feeds job offers and invitations to tender about us meta navigation easy language sign language tender high-resolution re-analysis of ground-level air quality with the eurad-im model system for the year 2016.
Weather and climate affect both the concentration of ground-level ozone in the ambient air and to what degree the stomata are open," Klingberg explained.
After a long, drawn-out process (the hospital was involved in a class-action lawsuit), bulldozers excavated and code-compliant parking was finally created on the garage's ground-level.
The report, Ground-Level Ozone in the 21st Century, said the UK figure looked set to increase by at least 50% by 2020 as a result of growing emissions and climate change.
Lennox Industries today announced the introduction of Lennox Healthy Climate, a line of residential indoor air quality products that do not produce ground-level ozone.
The fires also boosted ground-level ozone across the northern continental United States, even increasing levels of this pollutant by 10% as far away as Europe.
And the S40's specially coated radiator changes ground-level ozone into oxygen as air passes through--proving that not all environmentally responsible cars are hybrids.
Offers ground-level centralized pressure test ports for troubleshooting of all working functions as well as a central lubrication system
The National Alternative Fuels Association (NAFA) recently called upon the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to suspend its new gasoline regulation, which, the organization claims, is causing a rise in gasoline prices of up to 50 cents per gallon and increasing urban ground-level ozone nationwide.
To investigate potential effects of a wind farm that includes thousands of windmills, Roy and his colleagues used a detailed climate model based on wind speeds, temperatures, and ground-level evaporation in north-central Oklahoma during a 2-week period in July 1995.
Tsukuba University and the state-run National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health created the system, which offers audiences about a dozen image options sent from cameras installed on the stadium roof as well as different ground-level locations.
Ground-level ozone, a precursor of smog linked to respiratory ailments in humans, is known to slow the growth of some plants.