ground level

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ground line

The level of the surface of the ground, above (or below) which the height of a structure (or depth of excavation) is measured.
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Today the EPA and Obama Administration announced they will finalize a long overdue update to the ground-level ozone standard.
Washington, June 24 (ANI): NASA has launched a new mission called DISCOVER-AQ to enhance the capability of its satellites to measure ground-level air quality from space.
The report, Ground-Level Ozone in the 21st Century, said the UK figure looked set to increase by at least 50% by 2020 as a result of growing emissions and climate change.
ENERGY RESOURCE-5 April 2007-Lennox Introduces New Line of Air Quality Products that Produce No Ground-Level Ozone(C)2007 JeraOne - http://www.
Tsukuba University and the state-run National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health created the system, which offers audiences about a dozen image options sent from cameras installed on the stadium roof as well as different ground-level locations.
According to NAFA, the EPA regulation leads to an improper balance between nitrogen oxide (NOx) and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which atmospherically react in the presence of sunlight to create ground-level ozone.
To investigate potential effects of a wind farm that includes thousands of windmills, Roy and his colleagues used a detailed climate model based on wind speeds, temperatures, and ground-level evaporation in north-central Oklahoma during a 2-week period in July 1995.
OTC was established by Congress under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to coordinate ground-level ozone planning between 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States and the District of Columbia.
Daily weather forecasts will be used to predict when concentrations of ground-level ozone may reach unhealthy levels or exceed federal health-based standards.
The architecture firm's designs, for developer CPC Resources, will bring 25 new artist loft residences and 10 ground-level retail and commercial spaces to four different sites in Peekskill's new downtown arts district.
Once completed, the 101,000-s/f, eight-story mixed-use project will consist of 47 residential condominiums, 4,500 s/f of ground-level retail space and an underground parking garage.
The Air Quality Partnership is dedicated to educating the public about the health risks associated with both ground-level ozone and particle pollution, and encouraging voluntary actions to help reduce pollution-forming emissions.