groundwater recharge

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groundwater recharge

[′grau̇nd‚wȯd·ər ′rē‚chärj]

recharge, groundwater recharge

The replenishment of water in the ground, e.g., through injection or infiltration from trenches outside the construction area.
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A theme issue published by the International Association of Hydro-geologists entitled Groundwater Recharge [6] provides extensive reviews of various aspects of groundwater recharge; some of the contributions of specific relevance to the current study are referred to present a valuable review of the wide range of alternative methods which can be used to quantify recharge.
Equation (5) represents a mathematical model in which ordinary differential equation arises during one-dimensional groundwater recharge phenomena.
Lake Rekyva and the adjacent areas of the East Zemaiciai Plateau represent the regional groundwater recharge area.
And, it notes optimistically, the necessary technology for boosting water supply, such as groundwater recharge and wetlands restoration, are already available in most parts of the world.
As part of the activities which need to be under-taken during phase one of the project, essential data on rainfall and vegetation needs to be collected, while phase two involves determining the general groundwater pattern within each domain, how much groundwater can be used sustainably within each domain, what the groundwater recharge pattern is in relation to climate change within each domain and how susceptible the aquifers within a specific domain are to pollution.
The irrigation tank renovation work has helped to harvest more rainwater and increase groundwater recharge, enabling farmers to use more water for irrigation purposes even after the rainy season.
So it is critical that trees be planted for groundwater recharge and proper management and protection of water resources.
2007, The impact of climate change on spatially varying groundwater recharge in the Grand River watershed (Ontario): Journal of Hydrology, v.
It will then determine the impact of these factors on groundwater recharge and base flows to water systems at a regional level, and will build on the Sustainable Yields work undertaken by the CSIRO in the Murray-Darling Basin, northern Australia, south-west Western Australia and Tasmania.
While the issue will be critical to human survival, the authors note that little attention has been focused on the subject--and that climate change will directly affect groundwater recharge, quality, and the fresh water-sea water interface.
The bylaw is designed to help communities protect their valuable water resources through requirements that manage runoff, increase groundwater recharge and prevent water pollution.
In such maps convex contours indicate the area of groundwater recharge and concave contours the area of groundwater discharge (Todd, 1980).

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