groundwater recharge

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groundwater recharge

[′grau̇nd‚wȯd·ər ′rē‚chärj]
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recharge, groundwater recharge

The replenishment of water in the ground, e.g., through injection or infiltration from trenches outside the construction area.
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To evaluate high-magnitude streamflow for groundwater recharge efforts, we conducted a statistical analysis of historical daily streamflow records to provide insights into its physical availability and spatial distribution (Kocis and Dahlke 2017).
It is worth mentioning that the ministry is working on establishing dams in the Sultanate of Oman in all three types (recharge, underground, storage and flood protection) in order to impound the largest possible quantities of water and to protect against the dangers of flood water or groundwater recharge or to provide remote villages with their water needs.
In studying groundwater recharge, the surface water evaporation line is an important reference, which can be obtained by fitting the measured data; however, the cost is high given the measured large amounts of data [22, 23].
He said that the solution is artificial groundwater recharge using treated wastewater, which is both environmentally sound and cost effective, if not cheap.
Therefore the estimation of groundwater recharge is a prime prerequisite for an efficient management of water resources particularly in semiarid parts and where there is overexploitation.
12 (Saba) A' A training course on artificial groundwater recharge organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation was concluded on Thursday.
The map would illustrate the distribution of aquifers, hydraulic heads, groundwater recharge and discharge areas and groundwater flow directions.
Groundwater recharge problem has been discussed by many researchers with different viewpoints.
In regional hydrogeological studies and groundwater resources assessments, accurate estimates of groundwater recharge are required to ensure proper water balance studies and evaluation of groundwater resources for productive uses.
During FY 2012-13, CRWR installed 7 water filtration plants in rural areas,constructed 11 leaky structures (check dams) and excavated 2 ditches, 10 check structures and 15 bandats for rainwater harvesting and improvement of groundwater recharge along with watershed management activities in Balochistan and established 12 water quality testing laboratories.
However, treated wastewater is being used on a large scale for beautification, and in some cases, for groundwater recharge. In Salalah, a 20,000 m3/day wastewater treatment re-injection project was initiated in 2003 to reduce seawater intrusion along the coastal area of the Salalah plain.
According to a recent EAD report the water extractions exceed 25 times the average groundwater recharge rate in the emirate.

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