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First, the management of groundwater tables and dryland salinity makes economic sense.
8 where the observed values of groundwater table head are compared with calculated ones.
The ECNEC approved Construction of 100 Delay Action Dams in Balochistan Package-I to increase level of groundwater table by constructing 20 delay action dams.
This method allows estimating waterflow directions and capacities, groundwater table elevations and pumping capacities for the planned mine site.
Hydrographs indicate that the groundwater table tends to rises during October and December to reach peak and starts receding from February onwards to the end of August to September.
We have worked together to develop a monitoring system that will be able to identify potential changes in the groundwater table, effectively providing an 'early warning' system that helps protect water-dependent ecosystems and the sensitive wildlife species they support," said SNWA Deputy General Manager Kay Brothers.
Experts consulted by Los Angeles County, which is one of the defendants, estimate that 140,000 to 170,000 acre-feet a year is pumped annually, which county officials say far exceeds the amount the groundwater table can lose without lowering dramatically.
Among the major challenges was how to build 40-feet-deep tanks with foundations of up to 60-feetdeep in a densely populated area with a groundwater table only 10 to 15 feet below grade.
The overriding conclusion from the various studies conducted in 1988 in the Valley was that effective control over the salinisation processes would be achieved when the shallow groundwater table was lowered to at least 2 m below the soil surface in the early summer season.
The quantification of upward fluxes from a shallow groundwater table has been researched by several researchers [2,9,7,5,1,8,3].
The Company also motivates local residents to adopt roof top rain harvesting and other measures in order to recharge the groundwater aquifer which will keep the groundwater table intact.

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