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Assessing ABO/Rh blood group frequency and association with asymptomatic malaria among blood donors attending Arba Minch blood bank, South Ethiopia.
Group frequency was more in wild males than in captive with (P a$?
A preliminary survey of ABO blood group frequency in nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Chinese patients.
Age group frequency show that mostly affected age group is 20-29 years in our area i.e.
Blood group frequency and prevalence studies are multipurpose and play a role in genetic research, evolution, blood transfusion and organ transplantation.
We planned a larger study and incorporated ABO group frequency in the population as control to determine the relationship between malaria and ABO groups.
To determine ABO group frequency of Surat population, we collected blood of college students attending hemoglobinopathy screening camps, after getting their informed written consent.
It is noted that the association between food group frequency scores and the total indices--DDS or WFFS--was higher than that among the food group scores.
Today, the requirement for blood group frequency and prevalence studies is multiuse, besides their importance in relative to blood transfusion and organ transplantation.
Moderate emesis was 86.6% in placebo group frequency of which was significantly lower than dexamethasone group (26.6%).
In modern medicine, the need for blood group frequency and prevalence studies is multipurpose, as besides their importance in evolution, their relation to disease and environment is being increasingly important.
Total Transiusions 43The blood group frequency among males and females also did not reveal any significant difference.

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