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a small wooded area or plantation


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A term equivalent in many ways to the word "coven," and used by various Pagans.

In the early 1960s in America, there were few visible Witchcraft covens, which made it difficult for many people who were drawn to the religion to actually make contact and become initiated. In 1967, Ed Fitch (a member of the original Gardnerian coven in New York that was started in 1964 by Rosemary and Raymond Buckland) authored The Pagan Way to serve as an "Outer Court" system through which anyone could become involved in Paganism. With the book, they could perform rituals and follow the cycle of the Wiccan year until they were really taken into an actual Wiccan coven. The groups under this system were originally termed "Groves."

Fitch based his idea of an Outer Court on a concept put forward by Dion For- tune in her novels. Fitch's writings later developed into a whole "Grimoire of Shadows" that was adopted as a true Wiccan path by many groups that were, at the time, using the term coven as a group name. The word Grove has come to be used by a wide variety of neo-Pagans today, both as a group name and in reference to a meeting place or temple.

References in classic literature ?
I never yet saw a squire," said he of the Grove, "who ventured to speak when his master was speaking; at least, there is mine, who is as big as his father, and it cannot be proved that he has ever opened his lips when I am speaking.
The squire of the Grove took Sancho by the arm, saying to him, "Let us two go where we can talk in squire style as much as we please, and leave these gentlemen our masters to fight it out over the story of their loves; and, depend upon it, daybreak will find them at it without having made an end of it.
With this intent, he escorted me through the Taboo Groves, pointing out to my notice a variety of objects, and endeavoured to explain them in such an indescribable jargon of words, that it almost put me in bodily pain to listen to him.
As we passed the houses peeping out from the groves through which our route lay, I noticed that they were entirely deserted by their inhabitants.
It is a necessary of life to me; and having always been used to a very musical society, both at Maple Grove and in Bath, it would have been a most serious sacrifice.
She is at another gate now--that leading into Fir-tree Grove.
He took his arm from Hetty's waist, and said, "Here we are, almost at the end of the Grove.
the parson and the young squire, who were taking a serious walk, arrived at the stile which leads into the grove, and the latter caught a view of the lovers just as they were sinking out of sight.
He explained his absence by saying that he had a headache and went out into the fresh air, but had gone no further than the oak grove.
382-387) Thus spoke the lord, far-working Apollo, and pushed over upon her a crag with a shower of rocks, hiding her streams: and he made himself an altar in a wooded grove very near the clear-flowing stream.
You will think it strange that I should suspect the mistress of Diana's Grove, a beautiful woman of aristocratic birth.
It seemed as if somebody on the other side of this screen had been insinuating doubts of Mr Groves's prowess, and had thereby given rise to these egotistical expressions, for Mr Groves wound up his defiance by giving a loud knock upon it with his knuckles and pausing for a reply from the other side.