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On (ŏn), in the Bible. 1 Reubenite conspirator in Korah's revolt. 2 The Egyptian Heliopolis.
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Ontario Parks

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Designating the operating state of a device or one of two possible conditions (the other being “off”) in a circuit.
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1. Cricket (of a bowler) bowling
2. Cricket
a. relating to or denoting the leg side of a cricket field or pitch
b. used to designate certain fielding positions on the leg side
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The word about Eco-Lite Products and MAX Grow Lights seems to be spreading quickly with many of the company's clients coming back to tell them how happy they are with the new lighting product.
Some are young mums wanting to grow things for their families, others have grown things in the past but were too put off by a bad experience or lack of someone to help, others just don't have anywhere to grow anything and there are those who like the idea of gardening but don't have the foggiest how to begin.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION--AS a real ice crystal grows (left to right in top row), competing factors promote branching or build smooth edges.
When the 15,000- to 18,000-plant crop grows to maturity in three years, the entire yew plant will be harvested, roots and all, ground up and shipped off to an extraction plant to withdraw the chemicals.
The trees can grow on either coast in zones 4 to 9.
Family farmers could benefit because hemp can be a huge cash crop: it will grow anywhere in United States; indeed, the damned stuffliterally is a weed, growing wild in many areas.
Baked goods represent 455.5 million lb of resin consumption and grow 4.0% through 2006.
General managers who know how to grow companies--the Ken Kutaragis of the world--are rarer than albino whales.
paper industry has lost about 6.5 million tons of capacity between 2002 and 2003, Asian paper making capacity is expected to grow by a rate of around 3.7 percent per year, with dramatic growth in China's papermaking capacity.
The cells are then used to grow replacement tissues that could help treat human ailments such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease (brain disease that impairs movement), and spinal cord injuries.
Mold will grow anywhere where four simple conditions are met.