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see silversidessilversides,
common name for small shore fishes, belonging to the family Antherinidae, abundant in the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific, and named for the silvery stripe on either side of the body.
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It will outshine any grunion run, both in size and number.
Lethal and sublethal effects of altered sand salinity on embryos of beach-spawning California Grunion.
The eggs of some marine and brackish-water fish can also remain out of water for a significant period before hatching: diamond killifish Adinia xenica eggs can survive up to 24 days, California grunion Leuresthes tenuis eggs up to 35 days, mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus eggs up to 37 days, and marsh killifish Fundulus confluentus eggs up to 80 days (Martin 1999).
If you're on the beaches when the moon is full and the tide high during the summer months you could enjoy the Grunion Run, when thousands of little grunion fish swim ashore at night to mate and lay eggs in the sand.
Become a grunion (an apprentice surfie) when you book lessons that'll have you standing on the board before you can yell "duck".
Local California newspaper the Grunion Gazette recently reported that Long Beach Transit (LBT) expects to receive next month the first of its new hybrid electric transit demonstration buses.
The Grunion Gazette said the new buses, which cost approximately $750,000 each, are expected to demonstrate a fuel efficiency of about five miles per gallon.
Effects of p,p'-DDT on developmental stability of pectoral fin rays in the grunion (Leuresthes tenuis).
An increased supply of another favorite food - a smelt fish called the grunion, whose egg-laden females often line up in the surf zone close to beaches - also is occurring.
She is here competing with other piscivorous (fish-eating) birds in search of anchovy, shiner perch and grunion to eat.
and grunion runs at high-tide nights, the silverside animals flashing in
MediaNews buys two Long Beach weeklies: The Grunion Gazette and the Downtown Gazette, two weeklies published in Long Beach, Calif.