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1, griffon, gryphon
a winged monster with an eagle-like head and the body of a lion

griffin, griffon, gryphon

A mythological beast having a lion’s body with an eagle’s head and wings; used decoratively.
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Based in San Francisco, Gryphon Investors focuses on acquisitions of and growth investments in middle market companies in partnership with experienced management.
Nick Orum, Gryphon Partner and head of its Business Services Group, added "We believe companies such as Staffing Now will continue to benefit from their clients' increasing use of temporary staff to address business fluctuations, reduce costs and recruit qualified professionals.
Gryphon has been a truly value-added partner during its ownership period and we have accomplished a great deal together, having transformed ourselves into a stand-alone consumer packaged goods company with a leading position in the attractive niche of value gourmet coffee.
provider of health care staffing services," said Nick Orum, Gryphon Partner and head of its Business Services Group.
Kennedy stated, "We were approached by many potential partners and chose Gryphon and GCC because of their successful track-record of building businesses and partnering with management teams.
In connection with this private placement, Gryphon Gold granted registration rights to each of the investors and will use commercially reasonable efforts to prepare and file with SEC within 120 days a registration statement under the Securities Act, and to use commercially reasonable efforts to cause such registration statement to be declared effective.
Flexibility, responsiveness and accessibility to their people were the keys to our decision to choose Gryphon Networks," Crabtree said.
Kirkland & Ellis served as legal counsel to Gryphon and Update Legal for the transaction.
Barbara Roth, Eight O'Clock's president, said: "We have enjoyed very strong performance in the two years since the Company was acquired by Gryphon.
Using Gryphon Networks' powerful preference and exemption rules engine, Privacy Advisor automatically identifies alternate or customer-preferred contact methods, enabling preference-marketing opportunities.
Gryphon Networks was recognized for its leadership in fully integrated privacy compliance and productivity solutions for the financial services industry, as well as for its Integrated Compliance and Contact Management Platform (ICCMP), designed to automate every aspect of regulatory compliance.