grees, gre, greese, gryse

In medieval architecture, a step or flight of steps.
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Addressing a press conference, MSF representative De Gryse Bvnoit said the survey had been conducted to get information on the health issue in Afghanistan.
Cadwalladyr sail Owan call and walys sail busk yaim for to ryse And allbayn sail to yaim fall Scotland and kyndyll bale apon yair wyse yan ryse vnro tyll alyens all trouble Owen grondyn glayus gers yaim gryse sharpened spears, makes them fearful and Bretons chullys yaim als a ball kick and setts to yaim ouer sary assyse harsh judgement The prophecy appears in a late-fourteenth-century hand on the final parchment folio of a twelfth-century copy of William of Malmesbury s Gesta regum anglorum with other Latin chronicle material.
"In terms of the fake CIA vaccination programme, we are worried that abuse of medical identity harms the capacity for aid agencies to provide aid in Pakistan," the report quoted Benoit de Gryse, the Pakistan representative for Medecine Sans Frontieres, as saying.
Yet did paleness, gryse and glome,* *greyness and gloom
We are further grateful to Steven De Gryse, Tom Braeckman, and Lieven De Temmerman for their assistance in field installation of the equipment, soil sampling, monitoring, and analysis.
'Terrorism has destroyed the liberty and freedom of individuals,' Judge Claire de Gryse said at the end of Belgium's biggest terrorism trial.
"There is an enormous need for free, quality maternal healthcare in eastern Afghanistan and MSF deeply regrets that the current environment makes it impossible for us to continue the work we started," said Benoit De Gryse, MSF Country Representative in Afghanistan.
Of hy sien dit deur die newel, in die nag of skemer (...), in die skaduwee, deur die gryse reenatmosfeer of in die vervormende lugspieeling.
Schoeman neem die leser op die pad van Michelangelo se ontwikkeling as kunstenaar: beeldhouer, skilder, argitek, boumeester en digter, vanaf die kinderjare in Florence tot sy gryse ouderdom in Rome.