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(organic chemistry)
C6H4(OH)OCH3 A colorless, crystalline compound, soluble in water; used as a reagent to determine the presence of such substances as lignin, narceine, and nitrous acid.



an organic compound with a strong, characteristic smell. It is a monomethyl ether of pyrocatechol. Colorless crystals: melting point, 28.4° C; boiling point, 205° C. Readily soluble in ethanol and chloroform and poorly soluble in petroleum ether; it dissolves iodine and sulfur. Ferric chloride gives an alcohol solution of guaiacol a blue coloration verging on green. Guaiacol is present in the distillation products of guaiacum, in the high-boiling distillates of beech tar, and in the dry distillation products of wood of leaf-bearing and coniferous species.

Guaiacol is produced synthetically by partial methylation of pyrocatechol or by diazotization of o-anisidine and decomposition of the diazo compound with water. It is used to synthesize vanillin and medicinal preparations.

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Zhenjiang site will benefit from the cleanest and most sustainable patented technology based on a fully integrated ex-catechol and guaiacol production value chain, including an exclusive water treatment process.
4-vinylphenol, guaiacols and syringols), and catechol occur in the SW quadrant together with an aliphatic marker of fresh plant material (Al13).
The development of oxidative stress during the coffee-drying process can be controlled more efficiently in pulped natural coffee by the early action of guaiacol peroxidase during the drying process.
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Phenolic fraction (%) Component 250[degrees]C 300[degrees]C Acetic acid -- -- 2-Acetylfuran -- -- Propionic acid -- -- 3-Methyl 2-cyclopentenone -- -- n-Butanoic acid -- -- 5 Methyl furfural -- -- Acetophenone -- -- 2,4-Dimethyl-2-butenolide -- -- Guaiacol 0.
Some of the phenolic compounds are guaiacol and syringol which are very characteristic in smoked fish [27].
The majority is synthesized in chemistry labs, and typically made from lignin, a constituent of wood left over from the paper-making industry, or guaiacol, which is derived from wood creosote.
Reaction of chromic acid with lignin model compounds such as guaiacol and catechol indicates that chromic acid photostabilizes wood by reacting with lignin to create photostable lignin complexes enabling energy transfer or energy emittance from wooden surfaces.
Para a determinacao da atividade enzimatica, 0,5 mL do sobrenadante foram misturados a 1,5 mL de tampao fosfato a 200 mM, pH 6,5, 0,5 mL de guaiacol a 190 mM e 0,5 mL de [H.
Higher molecular weight compounds seemed to shift the range of boiling temperatures higher: it required higher temperatures to distill phenol and guaiacol from the BCD mixture than from the synthetic mixture.
This category includes phenol, tannic acid, and guaiacol.