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166-5(b), a guarantor may qualify for a business bad debt deduction by establishing that he or she is in the trade or business of guaranteeing loans, a question of fact.
Mark Messier is remembered for, with his Rangers down 3-2 to New Jersey in the conference finals, guaranteeing a Stanley Cup and then delivering with a Game 6 hat trick.
Whether the shareholders demanded payment for guaranteeing the debt.
Bill invests $100,000 in a variable annuity and selects the guaranteed minimum income benefit, guaranteeing five percent annual growth.
Morton is on record guaranteeing that USC will beat ``them'' - UCLA - Saturday at the Coliseum.
After the letter ruling was issued and the attorney's article was published, the IRS was inundated with protest letters from taxpayers who, for the most part, were guaranteeing mortgage loans for their children.