guard post

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A low single post, or one of a series, usually stone, set to prevent motor vehicles from entering an area.
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Furthermore, Yylmazer asserted that several military guard posts on Turkey's borders were raided in accordance with instructions coming from Eucalan that were delivered by MyT operatives.
AFP -- An explosion Monday at a guard post outside a Libyan courthouse in Benghazi killed one judiciary policeman and seriously wounded another, officials said.
Islamabad, July 27 - Ten security personnel were killed when unknown armed assailants Saturday attacked a coast guard post near the Pakistan-Iran border in southwestern Balochistan province, officials said.
Israeli security sources revealed that the Palestinian was holding a weapon and it seemed he was willing to fire toward the guard post at the entrance of the at the entrance of the settlement of Migdal Oz, adding that no injuries were caused.
Ruling and opposition party lawmakers said they were briefed by the military on the defection incident during a visit Friday to the frontline unit where the North Korean soldier showed up and had to knock on the door or window of a guard post to draw attention to himself.
The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrillas opened fire with rifles on a guard post in front of the police station in the town of Silopi near the border with Iraq, the agency said.
Summary: A Tunisian teenager was killed on Friday and ten others were wounded when protestors attacked a national guard post.
October 14, 2009 (KHARTOUM) -- Unknown gunmen attacked on Monday evening a military guard post of the hybrid peacekeeping mission in Kutum, North Darfur, wounding one peacekeeper, the UNAMID said today.
A SUSPECTED Tamil rebel suicide bomber killed at least seven troops and one civilian in a blast at a guard post near the Sri Lankan capital Colombo yesterday, authorities said.
An official at the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the North Korean officer approached a South Korean guard post yesterday on the western part of the frontier.
It will start with the sangar of the guard post at Crossmaglen being lifted by a crane.
The problem was only resolved after a Port of Seattle staff member drove to the guard post at the air traffic control tower and was able to contact someone inside.