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, guerilla
Botany a form of vegetative spread in which the advance is from several individual rhizomes or stolons growing rapidly away from the centre, as in some clovers.



the term applied to partisan warfare in Spain and the Latin American countries. The best known is the Spanish guerrilla of the Spanish Revolution of 1808-14, which united the liberation struggle of the Spanish people against the French occupation with the struggle against feudalism.

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Emily Ogilvie joined the company in June as a placement year from her marketing management degree at University of Newcastle and once she completes her degree in 2013 she plans to return to Guerilla to rejoin the team.
India's guerillas are keen on following Mao's preaching, despite the fact that his demise paved the way for the reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping, which have transformed China in rapid fashion into a global economic powerhouse.
Commerce Bank, which operates in four Mid-Atlantic states, used guerilla tactics to attract influencers to its branches with its "Have It Your Way" campaign.
Andy Appleby, president and CEO of General Sports and Entertainment LLC in Rochester, says guerilla marketing provides a means "of finding a way to infiltrate certain (existing) sponsorships.
Guerilla Force is one of many modern marketing solutions MindComet offers its client partners.
Guerilla, based in Newcastle city centre, has grown to sales of PS2m since being launched 11 years ago tomorrow.
Matt said: "I decided that my heart was still at Guerilla and my ambition for the company is as strong now if not stronger than the day we opened our doors.
To their credit, people like Hackworth and the four lieutenant colonels recognize that guerilla wars must be waged as much in the political and economic sphere as on the battlefield.
The Guerilla Studio is the only environment at SIGGRAPH 2003 where the content is created on-site by the attendees themselves," said Peter Braccio, chair of The Guerilla Studio from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.
The stateside company, which is regarded as one of the country's fastest rising tech firms, contacted Guerilla after coming across its website online.
Client services director at Guerilla, Claire Knight, said: "As well as skills and education, we look for a certain personality when we recruit at Guerilla.
The goal of the campaign is to bring breakthrough creative in TV and print to foster brand awareness, while also delivering equal impact geared toward lead generation via interactive, nontraditional direct and guerilla marketing," added Doug Penman, co-Creative Director of Euro RSCG MVBMS San Francisco.