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, guerilla
Botany a form of vegetative spread in which the advance is from several individual rhizomes or stolons growing rapidly away from the centre, as in some clovers.
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the term applied to partisan warfare in Spain and the Latin American countries. The best known is the Spanish guerrilla of the Spanish Revolution of 1808-14, which united the liberation struggle of the Spanish people against the French occupation with the struggle against feudalism.

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If military discipline and distance from family are what distinguish the regular soldier from the guerilla, it must be considered a difference of degree rather than one of type.
Emily Ogilvie joined the company in June as a placement year from her marketing management degree at University of Newcastle and once she completes her degree in 2013 she plans to return to Guerilla to rejoin the team.
India's guerillas are keen on following Mao's preaching, despite the fact that his demise paved the way for the reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping, which have transformed China in rapid fashion into a global economic powerhouse.
The North Korean guerilla experience was born in the early 1930s when a young Kim Sung-ju (later renamed Kim II Sung) fought against Japanese forces in Manchuria.
To promote its "Orange" online banking solutions, ING Direct waged guerilla campaigns in the metropolitan regions of Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.
Guerilla marketing has taken on a greater role in marketing campaigns in recent years thanks to the Internet with its reliance on speed, precision and cost effectiveness.
The guerillas have continued perfecting their methods of operation at each of these stages.
On the negative side, this new edition remains uneven in its treatment of modern guerilla conflicts.
The biggest technological challenge Guerilla faced was to deliver the apps' content in six different languages and character sets across two differently designed mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.
The guerillas realized the Americans had arrived and cheered; they then established a security perimeter.
Nicky, pictured, joins the seven-strong management team at Guerilla bringing with her 20 years' experience working at top agencies in the region.
Bogota--The Archbishop of Popayan excommunicated a group of Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) guerrillas for their savage attack on a church on March 31, when a guerilla group assaulted the locality of Almaguer.