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1, gulley
1. a channel or small valley, esp one cut by heavy rainwater
2. NZ a small bush-clad valley
3. a deep, wide fissure between two buttresses in a mountain face, sometimes containing a stream or scree
4. Cricket
a. a fielding position between the slips and point
b. a fielder in this position
5. either of the two channels at the side of a tenpin bowling lane


Scot a large knife, such as a butcher's knife



a deep, steep-sided cut formed by a temporary stream. It forms on elevated plains or on hills that are composed of loose, easily scoured rock and on the sides of ravines and gulches. It may be up to several kilometers long, with a width and depth of dozens of meters. Gullies are most widespread in the European USSR in the forest-steppe and steppe zones (for example, in the Central Russian Upland, Volga Upland, Volyn’ Hills, and Po-dol’e Upland) and in Middle Asia (Fergana). In other countries they are found in the loess areas of China, in a number of regions in the United States, and in tropical countries.

Gullies cause great damage chiefly to agriculture by breaking up and destroying fields. Farming practices that eliminate or reduce surface runoff and promote moisture retention on the fields are effective in preventing gully erosion. They include crop rotation, contour farming, broken ridging, slotting, strip farming, the creation of perennial-grass buffer strips along the contour, the leveling of scours, and the planting of water-absorbing forest belts horizontally along sloping lands.

On land with developing gullies, hydraulic engineering works are built and forest reclamation methods are also used. The hydraulic engineering structures include water-retaining embankments, terraces, drainage ditches, dams, chutes, overfalls, and retaining walls. The forest reclamation methods include the planting of shelterbelts around gullies and ravines, as well as afforestation and regrassing of the sides and floors of gullies. These measures prevent the development of gullies. Gullies are now sometimes flattened and then sown with grass.


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A narrow ravine.

gulley, gully

In a drainage system, a fitting at the upper end of a drain that receives the discharge from waste pipes or rain water.
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The general maintenance works will include trimming back vegetation, sign cleaning, sweeping, gulley cleaning, and repairs to safety barriers
THIEVES are taking manhole and gulley covers from Merseyside streets.
In the past 18 months the county has spent pounds 40,000 on sign and gulley thefts, in making them safe and replacing the stolen covers.
For the first time, we can reveal the location of the gulleys being looked at.
A report is now calling for the digging of grips to be halted and existing gulleys blocked as soon as possible.
We cannot just wash the dairy products off the road because it gets into water courses and gulleys and causes environmental problems.
Design and installation of an extensive range of drains, gulleys and elbow operated taps was carried out by BM Stainless Steel Drains Ltd of Tadcaster.
Work to replace gulleys and manhole covers along the A47 in Little Fransham is due to begin at 8pm on Monday 11 November and last for five nights.
OPEN letter to all our councils regarding flooding - In the past (long past), as kids we would see our streets, grids and gulleys cleaned out on a regular basis.
During the trial we'll be giving these roads a really good clean, the gulleys will be washed out and we can patch up any potholes and give it a good spring clean.
The council has also permanently sealed off 134 problem gulleys and carried out improvement works on 118, including gating entrances, CCTV, improved lighting or upgrading boundaries.