gum acacia

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gum arabic, acacia, gum acacia

A white, powdery, water-soluble gum, extracted from certain acacia trees; used in the manufacture of adhesives and transparent paints.
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Measurements made of particle size showed that the concentrated emulsions using gum acacia and modified gum acacia with both core materials were stable over three days storage at both temperatures.
This updated status permits the use of modified gum acacia in a wide variety of foods and beverages.
001) hepatotoxicity in rats when compared to gum acacia group indicated by increased levels of serum GOT, GPT, ALP and bilirubin (Table 1).
Galactose, sucrose (all from BDH chemicals, England), Gum acacia, pectins and corn starch (from Hopkins and Williams Laboratory Reagents, Essex, England) were used.
To get a normal range for SOD activity and to rule out the involvement of the vehicle, 6 mice were administered 10 ml/kg 1 per cent gum acacia solution for seven days.