gum tree

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gum tree,

name for the eucalyptus (see myrtlemyrtle,
common name for the Myrtaceae, a family of shrubs and trees almost entirely of tropical regions, especially in America and Australia. The family is characterized by leaves (usually evergreen) containing aromatic volatile oils. Many have showy blossoms.
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) in Australia and for several other trees, e.g., the sweet gum, of the family Hamamelidaceae (witch hazelwitch hazel,
common name for some members of the Hamamelidaceae, a family of trees and shrubs found mostly in Asia. The family includes the large genus (Corylopsis) of winter hazels, and the witch hazels (genus Hamamelis), sweet gums (Liquidambar
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 family), and the black gumblack gum,
ornamental deciduous tree (Nyssa sylvatica family Nyssaceae) native to E North America. The leaves turn bright scarlet in the fall. The very tough wood was used for wheel hubs and other purposes.
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 or tupelo in North America.
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Koalas By Kindergarden Green Koalas live [in] Australia [in] special gum trees.
Gum Tree spoke most about the value of partnership, a concept which supports all of the Matrix (2010) categories and was the only one to identify an activity which allowed for sustained interaction between preschool and primary school teachers.
But the penalty - 5 percent of the song's royalties - was far less than the 60 percent sought by publishing company Larrikin Music, which holds the copyright for the song "Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.
Then there is the gum tree which when used to make fire, has a heat radius of 10 metres.
They are: Global Textile Alliance, Huntington Fabrics and Gum Tree Fabrics.
A type of gum tree relies for its welfare on a fungus.
They are also being sold on social networking websites like Facebook, Bidorbuy, and Gum Tree," said a student of the Wits University, who is a great cricket fan and has bought the match ticket.
If Brown thinks assurances from them will hold he is up a gum tree.
My husband went looking for marri gum tree seed so we could propagate some to plant out to offset carbon.
So if you happen to be in an out-of-the-way place, you may see a familiar figure relaxing under the spreading boughs of a gum tree, in quiet contemplation.
Learn about such labels as White Trash White, Up a Gum Tree, Sex, Old Tart, Cleavage Creek, Big Ass Red and Screw Kappa Napa along with the title names, Marilyn Merlot and Naked Grape.
On Loyalist Day, 19 June 2005, following a strawberry social, Doris Wilson, Honorary Vice President of the Grand River Branch, planted a Sweet Gum tree, requested by the church board, to replace the aged Carolinian trees in the cemetery.