Gun Carriage

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gun carriage

[′gən ‚kar·ij]
Mobile or fixed support for a gun; sometimes includes the elevating and traversing mechanisms.

Gun Carriage


a stand to which the barrel of an artillery gun is secured.

The purpose of the gun carriage is to set the barrel in the necessary position before firing (by means of laying mechanisms), to absorb (by antirecoil devices) the recoil energy during firing and transmit the forces arising to the ground (or the foundation of the mounting), and to move the gun. There are mobile carriages (on field guns, with wheels and tracks), semipermanent carriages (on a mobile base, for tank, self-propelled, ship, aircraft, and other guns), and permanent carriages (on an immobile base, for fortress and shore guns). The carriages of recoilless guns are secured to the barrel by rigidly fixed pivots.

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The gun carriage truck had stopped, the driver was trying to find a parking space, he got out of his vehicle and in the meantime, so did one of his passengers who stayed at the back of the truck.
The two countries are also discussing the delivery to India of tank engines and gun carriages.
Asked whether he and Henry should be remembered with a State funeral, Harry dismissed the idea of gun carriages down the Mall, or a memorial service at Westminster Abbey, as "nonsense".