gun port

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gun hole, gun loop, gun port, gun slot

A type of embrasure in a structure designed to provide protection in case of enemy attack; the opening enables a defender to fire through a wall, over a wide angle.
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The second bedroom, with an attractive gun port window, measures 12ft 2in by 9ft 2in and also boasts sea views.
The divers clearly observed the gun ports on the front of each wing--indicating a military aircraft--and measured them 10 inches apart, although the air scoops were too degraded to provide useful measurements.
Still, as we turn back toward the airport, I gaze out one of the gun ports at the farmland below me and imagine how I would have felt if I were passing over the green fields of England on the way back from a mission.
The building was then said to have featured gun ports and possibly even a drawbridge.
Apparently the Mary Rose opened her lower gun ports while making a hard turn, began a roll--and completed it without hesitation.
The armoured vehicle has 10 gun ports and escape hatches and can carry up to eight equipped troops.
But the Mary Rose sank after being overturned by a gust of wind, with water entering its open gun ports. The ship lay at the bottom of then sea for centuries until it was raised in 1982 in one of the most complex projects in the history of maritime archaeology.
Many of the original features have been kept intact and incorporated into the new design, with gun ports transformed into bedroom windows and gunpowder rooms enlisted as cosy snugs.
I entered through a doorway cut into the Middle Gun Deck and instantly you feel in stride with history - the oily smell of timber garnished by that of rope, the low light of lanterns and sunlight through the gun ports. You can imagine the swirl of smoke, the crash of guns and the shouts of battle.