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explosive mixture; its most common formula, called "black powder," is a combination of saltpeter, sulfur, and carbon in the form of charcoal. Historically, the relative amounts of the components have varied. An increase in the percentage of saltpeter (potassium nitrate) increases the speed of combustion. In the past gunpowder was widely used for blasting and for propelling bullets from guns but it has been largely replaced by more powerful explosivesexplosive,
substance that undergoes decomposition or combustion with great rapidity, evolving much heat and producing a large volume of gas. The reaction products fill a much greater volume than that occupied by the original material and exert an enormous pressure, which can be
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. Another form of powder containing potassium chlorate instead of the nitrate is commonly used in fireworks and in matches. The origin of gunpowder was probably Chinese, for it seems to have been known in China at least as early as the 9th cent. and was there used for making firecrackers. There is evidence suggesting that it came to Europe through the Arabs. Roger Bacon was long credited with inventing it because a formula for making it is given in a work attributed to him, and some German scholars have credited its invention to the alchemist-monk Berthold Schwarz. However, it is now generally agreed that gunpowder was introduced and not invented in Europe in the 14th cent. Its use revolutionized warfare and ultimately played a large part in the alteration of European patterns of living up until modern times. Gunpowder was the only explosive in wide use until the middle of the 19th cent., when it was superseded by nitroglycerine-based explosives.


A black or brown explosive mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur; originally, it was made in powder form, now generally in grains of various sizes.


Ichabod Crane’s favorite steed. [Am. Lit.: Washington Irving “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”]
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He seized it by the pommel, and endeavored to hold it firm, but in vain; and had just time to save himself by clasping old Gunpowder round the neck, when the saddle fell to the earth, and he heard it trampled under foot by his pursuer.
Another convulsive kick in the ribs, and old Gunpowder sprang upon the bridge; he thundered over the resounding planks; he gained the opposite side; and now Ichabod cast a look behind to see if his pursuer should vanish, according to rule, in a flash of fire and brimstone.
First, we daubed him all over, and his robes also, with tar, and tallow mixed with brimstone; then we stopped his eyes and ears and mouth full of gunpowder, and wrapped up a great piece of wildfire in his bonnet; then sticking all the combustibles we had brought with us upon him, we looked about to see if we could find anything else to help to burn him; when my Scotsman remembered that by the hut, where the men were, there lay a heap of dry forage; away he and the other Scotsman ran and fetched their arms full of that.
Joint Chiefs of Staff, were implemented in one form or another throughout the nearly 400-year era of the dominance of gunpowder as an explosive substance.
A grant of PS58,000 has been awarded to develop plans for the Explosive Times: preservation and celebration of the Pontneddfechan Gunpowder Works, a W project which aims to secure the site's long-term future by conserving the structures and bringing alive the story of the site for residents and visitors.
of RB-I/497 building at Gunpowder Road Colony under ADEN (Wks) CSTM section c) Repairs to columns, beams, lintels, chajjas, plastering, leaking toilets etc.
Amman, April 11 (Petra) -- Preventive Security Department personnel, on Saturday, arrested an arms dealer in Zarqa governorate, northeast of Amman, and seized weapons, gunpowder and a machine used to manufacture gun parts.
The man who was to light the barrels of gunpowder was named Guy Fawkes.
PROBE into the Bengaluru Church Street blast has revealed that the bombs were pipe- shaped, packed closely with nails, ball bearings and gunpowder.
For down on the Westminster damp cellar floor, Lay gunpowder trails stopped short at the door, While barrel on barrel of powder was stacked, Propped up and primed, hungry for a match, And there in the shadowed doorway in the dark, Was Guy Fawkes from York, stood set with a spark, But right at the death all their dealings were spoiled, A note to the King and their scheming was foiled
It's called the Gunpowder Plot, |and bonfires are lit to burn the "Guy" - a 'dummy' that represents Fawkes.
We see no reason, why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot