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(civil engineering)
A plate that is used to strengthen truss joints.
(mining engineering)
A V-shaped cut in the face of a heading.


A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework at its joints.

gusset, gusset plate

A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework.
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The price to construct a gusseted pillow is higher -- ranging from pennies more for the shell to a total of 15 percent more for additional fill and construction costs.
The Black Ops Boot is the weatherproof version of the Desert Ops Boot in black only with a waterproof lining and all the same features of Vibram sole, OrthoLite footbeds, gusseted tongue and injection molded shank.
4-inch laptop and the rear pocket has a built-in two-file gusseted divider.
Whether looking for gusseted bags with expandable sides and flat bottoms or anti-static poly bags to protect electronic components from static build up, TriSupplies has it all.
Table 4 Moment resisting strength of Douglas-fir plywood gusseted and stapled joints.
The new unit can wind folded, gusseted tubing and in-line slit sheet.
With production speeds of up to 200 pouches per minute, the high-performance C-1500 series pouch machine from Robert's Packaging can produce stand-up, gusseted, flat, and three or four-sided seal pouches with maximum dimensions of 12 in.
8mm split leather and Cordura[R] reinforced upper; a Cross outsole of rubber and PU for optimum traction on rough terrain; a protective-cut integral rubber rock guard; a removable PES insole; and a padded, gusseted tongue.
The HSP-500-STG produces resealable gusseted pouches ofwidths between 100mm and 350mm.
Features of the pants include a wide comfort elastic waistband, a front fly with snap closure, two handwarmer pockets, a side cargo pouch, and a gusseted crotch.
It can wind slit rolls (multiple ups), folded films, and gusseted films (up to eight folds).
Reinforced longerons that run full span along the fire control pocket, over a molded metal threaded insert for pistol grip screw, reinforced buttstock mount, enhanced oversize triggerguard, reinforced flared mag well, forward magazine finger grate and, enhanced gusseted forward upper receiver tabs.