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(civil engineering)
A plate that is used to strengthen truss joints.
(mining engineering)
A V-shaped cut in the face of a heading.


A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework at its joints.

gusset, gusset plate

A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework.
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Trim 3/8 from the interfacing fronts, backs, gussets and flap perimeter.
Two common repair techniques utilize dimensional lumber scabs and gussets of plywood/OSB; plywood and OSB are generally interchangeable (Fox 2008).
If the gussets were cut as separate pieces, attach each to one end of the sleeve which will become the top end, by laying it face-to-face and stitching along the edge the length of the gusset.
I wonder - do they discuss gusset anxiety over a pre-prandial gin or exchange intimate undie gossip in the gym?
4-1" wide x 1/8" thick x 6" long steel flat stock (bend both ends at a 45 degree angel to form gussets for leg supports)
For base plates, it can handle no gussets per bolt, one gusset per bolt, or two gussets per bolt.
But we placed gussets across the board, and I think consumers see them as a better product.
Gussets, piping and solid brass hardware hearken back to turn-of-the-century travel cases on their way to Europe aboard luxury liners.
Maintaining the existing scale and building within the traditional envelope, Guard has created a series of interconnecting rooms on two levels, barely defined by light-reflective planes, transparent walls and strategically placed gussets of glass admitting a narrow view or glances of light.
Don Anderson of Sequim, Washington, based his design on 4- by 10-foot panels, each made from one 8-foot and two 10foot 1-by-2s, a 12-foot 1-by-4, and scrap 3/8-inch plywood for gussets and tabs.