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, gerfalcon
a very large rare falcon, Falco rusticolus, of northern and arctic regions: often used for hunting
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(Faleo gyrfalco), a bird of the family Falconidae, order Falconiformes. Body length, 50-60 cm. Male’s weight, up to 1.5 kg; female’s, up to 2 kg. The plumage is gray, or white with gray markings. The gyrfalcon is distributed in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. It lives on rocky seacoasts and in forest tundra. Gyrfalcon mates stay together for many years. They nest on rocks, steep shores, or high trees. There are three to five brownish eggs with red spots in each clutch, which are incubated mainly by the female for 28-29 days. The young leave the nest at about two months. Gyrfalcons feed mainly on birds that they capture on the wing; more rarely they catch lemmings, voles, and hares. Gyrfalcons were highly prized as hunting birds in falconry. They are scarce everywhere and need to be protected.

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Based on physical examination, hematologic findings, and radiographic results, the gyrfalcon was diagnosed with severe tracheitis, airsacculitis, and pneumonia, presumptively due to aspergillosis.
A white male gyrfalcon can cost thousands of pounds more.
Two separate virus strains were identified: H5N2 in northern pintail ducks and H5N8 in captive gyrfalcons that were fed hunter-killed wild birds.
She then describes the characteristics of six species of falcons from North America: the American Kestrel, Merlin, Aplomado Falcon, Prairie Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, and Gyrfalcon. Many color and b&w photos by photographers Dunlop and Palmer are included, as are illustrations, diagrams, and range maps.
While we rode the bus, we saw nine bears--including five cubs, two moose, tons of Dall sheep, lots of caribou, a wolf, a red fox, a rare gyrfalcon, and a couple of golden eagles!
The accoutrements include a gyrfalcon, the biggest falcon in the world, which Highbury has obtained from the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain and when it is finished with it will be passed on to another group, also called the Highbury Players, but based in Cosham, near Portsmouth.
North America's falcon species range from the stocky gyrfalcon (our continent's largest falcon; a resident of Alaska and the Far North) to the robin-size American kestrel, a hovering cavity-nester and the most common and widespread U.S.
This micro-nursery and arboretum can be toured by appointment by contacting Craig Gyrfalcon Thiessen.
There are additions to military vocabulary too: the previously unrecorded bearing sword, boar-spear sword, and lizard shot, and the use of gyrfalcon and shrimp as names for types of firearm.
The gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) survives the winter on a diet of ptarmigan and willow grouse.
The answer certainly surprised researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, who tracked the diving speeds of a tame gyrfalcon (JER-falkon), an Arctic falcon named Kumpan.
New techniques of measurement are revealing how a gyrfalcon sky dives without ending up as a splat of feathers.