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GABA/glutamate co-release controls habenula output and is modified by antidepressant treatment.
In this surgical technique, stimulatory VNS-like electrodes are placed through stereotactic methods in specified brain areas (such as the subcallosal cingulated gyrus, nucleus accumbens, ventral capsule/ventral striatum, inferior thalamic peduncle, habenula/lateral habenula, and the medial forebrain bundle) (1, 33).
(2012) Activation of lateral habenula inputs to the ventral midbrain promotes behavioral avoidance.
Brain structures that displayed reactivity to the Arc antibody included the brain stem (LX; Figure 1), the internal cellular layer (ICL) of the olfactory bulb (Figure 1B), the dorsal and ventral regions of the telencephalon (Figure 1B), the periventricular granular zone (PGZ; Figure 1D), the optic tectum (TeO; Figure 1D), the hypothalamus and associated mammillary bodies (Figure 1E), the habenula (Ha; Figure 1F), the periventricular pretectal nucleus (PPv; Figure 1G), and the cerebellum (Figure 1H).
Sartorius and Henn first proposed habenula as a target of DBS treatment of depression.
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Non-image-forming visual system projects to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), intergeniculate leaflet (IGL), the habenula, the pineal, and olivary pretectal nucleus (OPT) and directly connects retinal ganglion cells with the pulvinar within posterior thalamic nuclei, via optic chiasm.
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