habit of growth

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habit, habit of growth

The distinctive appearance and pattern of growth of a plant.
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However, invasiveness or otherwise comes from the plants natural habit of growth, and this should always be checked out before you buy from a nursery or garden centre or receive a small piece from a neighbour or friend.
It can be pruned down like any other rose and is a great choice for the back of a shrub border, as its upright habit of growth allows smaller shrubs - potentillas or hebes - to nestle under its arching branches.
The Montezuma cypress - which I like to think of as a weeping redwood - is notable for its pendulous habit of growth.
The family of forget-me-nots, boraginaceae, contains some surprising plants, many of which copy the wild one in their flower colour if not their habit of growth.
It's a classic habit of growth for plants that come from the stony hillsides of southern Europe and all such plants mingle well together.