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Other features commonly observed in ceramics--and therefore potentially similar to the features identified in bone--include velocity hackle, microstructural hackle, wake hackle, twist hackle, Wallner lines, arrest lines, and cantilever curl.
And like all the other dancers featured in this article he is holding a pair of hackle twirlers.
Alternatively, ask the man behind the counter to put together a selection of materials and implements - a vice, hackle pliers, bucktails, hackles and various skins.
Drag down upper surface of the palmered hackle and slide soda straw carapace over top surface of the fly.
Umpqua, Bender points out, owns Metz Hatchery, so it controls the manufacture and supply of high-quality saddle hackle. There's simply not enough product to supply itself, let alone the recreational fly tyer.
Guy [19] also noted the radiating hackle pattern within the inscribed circles and rejected the hypothesis that they originate from thermal stress but offers no alternative hypothesis.
The white plume on a fusilier's beret is called a hackle
A hackle of black and white stripes, or grizzly, is most sought after by both the beauty and sporting goods industries.
Hermogenes Esperon, Philippine army chief, told a news conference that the officers are now being investigated for their alleged role in the coup plot dubbed ''Oplan: Hackle.''
Poe's classics "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" and "The Cask Of Amontillado" may raise a hackle or two.
The Brown Hackle, the Coachman, the Professor, the Montreal, the Red Ibis, and the Grizzly King were the six flies mentioned most often, and the top twelve flies also included the Queen of the Water, the Parmacheene Belle, and Cow Dung, followed in order by the Black Gnat, Green Drake and the Beaverkill.