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inner borough (1991 pop. 164,200) of Greater London, SE England, on the Lea River. Clothing manufacture (in Hackney) and printing and furniture making (in Shoreditch) are the borough's chief industries. London's first theater was built in Shoreditch (c.1575). The parish church of St. Mary, in Stoke Newington, is one of the few remaining Elizabethan churches. The writer Daniel DefoeDefoe or De Foe, Daniel
, 1660?–1731, English writer, b. London. Early Life and Works

The son of a London butcher, and educated at a Dissenters' academy, he was typical of the new kind of man
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 lived there. The London College of Furniture, the Shoreditch College for the Clothing Industry, and Cordwainer's Technical College are in the borough. Hackney Marshes, a large sports and recreation area intersected by the Lea, lies just outside the borough.


1. a compact breed of harness horse with a high-stepping trot
a. a coach or carriage that is for hire
b. (as modifier): a hackney carriage


a borough of NE Greater London: formed in 1965 from the former boroughs of Shoreditch, Stoke Newington, and Hackney; nearby are Hackney Marshes, the largest recreation ground in London. Pop.: 208 400 (2003 est.). Area: 19 sq. km (8 sq. miles)
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It works out at about 50p on the average trip, a small price to pay for the convenience of a car coming to you rather than you walking to the nearest main road in the hope that a hackney is passing on its way to the city centre.
And the driver is unlawfully stealing business from the hackney trade.
Hackney drivers are expected to try to block the application, which was due to be discussed at Sefton's licensing committee next Monday.
The South Sefton Hackney Drivers' Association has already delayed the discussion until July 14,after they complained to the council that two of 25 signatures on a petition from Delta contained addresses outside Sefton.
According to Rick Roll, vice president of sales and marketing for Hackney & Sons, Inc.
Roll cites the design of a recent Hackney product, the Dockmaster, as evidence of this trend.
I UNDERSTAND the Cardiff Hackney Association, that's the black-and-white taxis, has asked Cardiff council to have the meters taken out of private-hire cars, that's Premier, Dragon etc.
I think Cardiff Hackney Association has overstepped the mark this time.
And Hackneys which look like people carriers may encourage bogus drivers.
These first Hackneys were the discarded coaches of aristocratic families, often still bearing ornate coats of arms.
Private-hire drivers say they are forced to charge passengers more as they can only access the popular strip by one route, Guildhall Place, while Hackney cabs can use bus lanes.
IT SEEMS the reason for allowing more hackney licences is that at busy times when there are sporting events or concerts and every Friday and Saturday, the public have to wait around the city centre for sometimes up to two hours to catch a taxi.