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, hadji, haji
1. a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca: also used as a title
2. a Christian of the Greek Orthodox or Armenian Churches who has visited Jerusalem



(also hadji, hajji), the honorary title of a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca.

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Hadji went to see Dr Gold the day before City beat Derby County 2-0 at Highfield Road when he suggested an injection to freeze the area for the duration of the game.
Laghrissi et Hadji ont ete les deux nouveaux joueurs titularises dans ce match.
Hadji failed to produce his best form during a three-year spell at Villa Park in the early Noughties, but he still remains a football hero in his homeland and El Ahmadi admits it is a privilege to meet up with the former African footballer of the year, who visits the national team camps to deliver pep talks.
She said that there were a number of Vauxhall cars and Hadji was witnessed there by a security guard at 10pm.
Hadji was elected Chief Mufti at a conference held in March 20, 2005.
Hadji Diouf has faced nothing but controversy after he was accused of spitting at Celtic fans almost 10 years ago.
These episodes have prompted Rovers' coach Steve Kean admitting that it was time for Hadji Diouf to move on.
I did not meet Jojoh Adam, a certain Adong, Musimar Alih, Munir Hadjirul, and Hadji Maulana Omar [to plot the killing of Tan]," said Daiman who is based in Davao City.
The controversial "Run Hadji Run" fireworks package, which was being sold by the Baldwin-based Fireworks City for $30, featured traditionally dressed Muslim men riding camels with a fighter plane flying above.
Hadji and his coinvestigators turned to the 150,000-woman-strong database for the National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment study,
I have played a lot of games for the reserves this season and last and I know just how good these young guys are,' Hadji said.
and El- Hadji can be a little eccentric - but there will be a spectacle.