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Collection of blood in a body part.
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in man and animals, the accumulation of blood in a limited space (such as between the sheaths of the broad ligament of the uterus). The term hematocele usually designates the accumulation of blood between the tunicae vaginales testis or in the scrotal tissues. Hematoceles are usually caused by injury to the scrotum or chronic hemorrhagic inflammation of the testis. They are manifested by hemorrhages into the scrotal dermis and painful swelling of the testis. Treatment involves rest, application of ice to the scrotum, and sometimes surgery.

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[4] Even so, an accurate diagnosis is crucial; acute conditions such as pyoceles and haematoceles require prompt intervention to prevent irreversible testicular injury.
The cause for haematocele was recent trauma in 2 cases and in one case it was post-hernioplasty operation and for pyocele was infection of hydrocele.
All cases of haematocele showed fluid with internal echoes and septations considered diagnostic of haematocele also by Stewart et al.
of cases % Site Tubal 47 94 Ampulla 38 76 Isthmus 06 12 Interstitial 02 4 Fimbrial 02 4 Ovary 01 2 Secondary abdominal 01 2 Side Right 30 60 Left 20 40 Mode of termination of tubal pregnancy (n = 48) Unruptured 04 8 Tubal abortion 22 44 Tubal rupture 23 48 Pelvic pathology Adhesions 05 10 Hydrosalpinx 06 12 Corpus luteum 03 6 Pelvic haematocele 02 4 Table 5: Treatment modalities Treatment No.