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Oncomelania hupensis haemo- lymphocytes were examined using an SEM (JSM6390LV, JEOL Ltd, Tokyo, Japan).
2 Gelatin Growth Geno- OF hydro- Haemo- at 37 Species species glucose lysis lysis [degrees]C A.
Staphylococcus aureus carriage and infections among patients in four haemo- and peritoneal-dialysis center in Denmark.
Another case presented with haemo- peritoneum two weeks postoperatively and laparotomy revealed oozing from liver bed due to undiagnosed coagulopathy.
Emerging economies such as SA experience the greatest pressure of competition for haemo- and peritoneal dialysis slots.
Options include intravenous sodium bicarbonate, intermittent haemodialysis and continuous venovenous haemo- filtration.
The Irish Haemophiliac Society has now called for the postponement of the Lindsay Tribunal, which is to inquire into the infection of haemo- philiacs with Hepatitis C and HIV.
of referred referral patients OPC 105 13 Ventilatory support Carbamate 53 6 Ventilatory support Hypno 52 1 Haemo- sedative dialysis Total number of acute Total number of poisoning 350 referred patients 20 Percentage Outcome of total patients 12.
haemo- ICU 1 0 0 lyticus (n = 2) (50) (n = 3) Indoo 1 0 0 r (10 (n = 1) 0 Antimicrobi al agents Ciprofloxacin Cotrimoxazole A.