hair trap

hair interceptor, hair trap

hair interceptor
A device used to remove hair before it enters a drainage system.
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Make sure you've got a hair trap in your shower or bath plughole and throw the hair in the bin.
Occasionally, researchers, including Gaines, would respond to a promising sighting by hiking out to an area to set up a hair trap.
The hair trap was attached to a tree 40-50 cm above the ground and within 1-3 m of the visual attractant.
We performed a search in the Swiss Wildlife Information Service (SWIS) database for peer-reviewed publications using the following search terms: hair trap, non-invasive sampling, genotyping, population estimates, faeces sampling, hair sampling and genetic monitoring.
He said: "One visitor to a hair trap was found to be a tree climbing otter.
This unintended hair trap worked similarly to those hair traps specifically designed for bear genetics studies (Woods et al.
To prevent this from happening, your nose hair trap these dust particles once they enter your nose.
To prevent a blockage buy a drop-in hair trap to sit over the plug hole.
Introducing Maintenance Gate for shutting off a silo or bin; Angel Hair Trap with drawer and removable screen; and Probe Box for mounting under a silo to allow direct routing of up to four conveying lines.
now offers its Angel Hair Trap in diameters from 8 to 18 in.
Matted hair traps heat so give them a daily groom if possible.
This year's use of hair traps was giving a better picture of badger numbers and vaccination levels, and in theory target immunity levels may have been achieved already.