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"One weed plant can produce hundreds of seeds," and some, like hairy bittercress, "are quite crafty in how far they can make their seeds travel.
Roeddech chi'n cyfeirio at yr 'Hairy bittercress': Cardamine hirsuta ydi ei enw gwyddonol a berwr chwerw blewog yn Gymraeg.
For example Cardamine (hairy bittercress) forms a fruit which explodes on maturity, dispersing up to 50,000 seeds which can travel several metres.
Yun also supplied Irish chef Richard Corrigan with the wood sorrel and hairy bittercress for his starter course at the same banquet for the Queen.
Hairy bittercress, annual meadow grass, dandelion and groundsel are a particular problem at the moment and are much easier to remove when they are young.
Weeds suck the soil dry and rob precious plants of nutrients so keep your eyes peeled for offenders, and especially annuals such as chickweed and hairy bittercress that set seed and spread like wildfire.
If the gene for resistance had mutated into the weed hairy bittercress it could also spread into all our cabbages, cauliflowers and brussels.
Un cwestiwn arall: Mae yna chwyn yn tyfu ym mhob man yn fy ngardd, ac yn ol cylchgrawn a ddarllenais yn ddiweddar ei enw ydi hairy bittercress. Hoffwn ofyn i Bethan Wyn Jones os oes enw Cymraeg ar hwn?
Wash the hairy bittercress, sorrel and ivy-leaved toadflax.
Fast developers like the hairy bittercress are even starting to set seed!
I would much rather be pulling out forget-me-not seedlings than chickweed or hairy bittercress and you can then have the choice of leaving selected patches of plants in to complement and support other spring flowers.