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see halakahhalakah
or halacha
[Heb.,=law], in Judaism, the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, familial and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews.
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Is it indeed so that authentic halacha is free of meaningful practical considerations?" (10)
* Finalmente, ha ainda um sentido mais generico, que se expressa quando o termo Kosher e empregado como um adjetivo, qualificando qualquer tipo de alimento que tenha sido produzido ou preparado segundo as tradicoes e regras judaicas descritas na Halacha.
In his letter, Ben-Gurion pointed out that since the establishment of the state, Israel's governments-which had always included representatives of the religious parties--had applied laws that deviated from the spirit of Halacha, for example, granting women the right to vote.
(25) The question of whether or not there is any idea of spontaneous political order in halacha still requires elucidation.
The rabbis said "the vast majority of abortions are unnecessary and forbidden by Halacha" but also "adding to the gravity of this transgression is the fact that it impedes the coming of redemption."
"In Judaism, the Halacha requires that certain conditions are met with respect to many aspects of life," says Holzer.
Instead, they study the halacha (at least those parts that impinge on their personal lives) on their own and reach their own, more lenient conclusions.
Although Israel's law of return allows anybody with a Jewish grandparent to immigrate to Israel, according to Halacha or Jewish law, a person is only considered "a real Jew" if their mother is Jewish.
Now he is ready to discourse on what is pshat, drash, midrash aggada, and midrash halacha. He expounds upon what I can trouble close readers of the biblical text: Ambiguity, repetition, apparent (but intentional) grammatical and syntactical irregularities, and the like.
Rabbi Schlomo Aviner, a leading religious Zionist halacha authority, recently published an article with an unequivocal demand that people sign up for donor cards, the Post reported.