half brick

half bat, half brick, snap header

half bat
A brick cut to half its length.
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* A housing in a half brick package measuring 2.4" by 2.3" by 0.55".
The half brick provides 20A at 91 percent efficiency and measures 2.4" X 2.42".
when somebody threatened to throw a half brick realising it was plastic.
Blair's writing style has all the finesse of a half brick. Somebody will have to help him with the long words.
Tyco Electronics Power Systems has announced the JHW350 Series of high efficiency half brick DC/DC converters designed to support high power wireless amplifier applications.
The 70A dc/dc converter HEHB-70A series in an industry standard half brick, true open frame package delivers 70 A at efficiencies as high as 90% at high current/low voltage outputs required by next generation semiconductors used in telecom and data processing applications.
Suspect threw half brick through rear window of house.
Wilkinson said she found the half brick again and smashed Mr Thompson three times in the face in quick succession, causing him to fall over backwards.
Every increase in thickness of a half brick's length meant the bond pattern became more complex but you can recognise the bonding method by the pattern on the front face.
After downing 10 pints -and not even having been at the game -he saw a group of Black Cats fans walking down Westgate Road and picked up a half brick and lobbed it at them.