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Aethon ni drwy domen o bres (mae'r euros 'na'n bethau peryg), ac er bod ein hanner ni'n teimlo'n sl ar l bwyd seimllyd mewn un caffi penodol, roedd yr Half Door yn wych.
The first kiosk opened just over a year ago and now does a healthy trade, selling around 250 coffees a day from the half door of the converted police box.
The impressive living room is steeped in character boasting a large open fireplace with four-foot grate, wooden beams and a half door leading to front of house.
Now I'm getting the old me back and I feel like a small child peeping over the top of that half door I was attacked through.
If you are able to do that, the next thing would be to demonstrate it by building a model half door and doorframe with your product attached so that you can take it to show people and invite them to try it out.
These models with diversified configurations includes exclusive half doors, water drains, enhanced suspension drive for smooth drive, electronic power steering, bronze tires, and varied power outputs ranging from 82 to 100 horsepower will outfit in multiple price ranges, enhancing their market share over the forecast period.
It's all done up in the iconic colors of Firecracker Red on the body, with a Bright White hardtop, fender-flare trim and half doors. A lift kit and big wheels and tires add to the vintage look.
Bright White also accents the perimeter of the Rubicon fender flares, and an upper portion of the concept half doors. Jeep badging is replaced with a tri-colour Jeepster hard badge.
It has a new cabin with factory-installed half doors and armrests that offer extra protection from debris and dual bolstered bucket seats that are adjustable for the driver, along with the thin-film technology for a dry ride in wet conditions.
We especially love the super-comfortable seats, and half doors keep you well protected in the cab.
The Jeep Wrangler's unique signature features include classic round headlamps, sevenA[degrees]slot grille, trapezoid wheel flares, removable doors, exposed hinges, a foldA[degrees]down windshield and innovative removable and conA[degrees] vertible tops and half doors that allow the Wrangler to retain the brand's iconic appearance and function.