half round

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half round, half-round molding

half round
A convex strip or molding of semicircular profile.
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References in classic literature ?
It was a very difficult tree to climb until the branches were reached, the first of which was some fourteen feet up, for the trunk was too large at the bottom to be swarmed; in fact, neither of the boys could reach more than half round it with their arms.
Honeythunder, turning his chair half round towards him when they were alone, and squaring his arms with his hands on his knees, and his brows knitted, as if he added, I am going to make short work of YOU: 'Now, Mr.
Away they all went, twenty couple at once; hands half round and back again the other way; down the middle and up again; round and round in various stages of affectionate grouping; old top couple always turning up in the wrong place; new top couple starting off again, as soon as they got there; all top couples at last, and not a bottom one to help them.
Kim slid out quietly into the night, walked half round the house, keeping close to the walls, and headed away from the station for a mile or so.
Father Brown started and spun half round like an absurd teetotum.
The first thirty miles or so was a good metal road, too good to go half round the world to ride on, but after Whittlesea it was a mere track over the ranges, a track I often couldn't see and left entirely to the mare.
At the foot he eased off the noisy mechanism and said, turning half round on his box--
As she sank into it she swung half round on my arm, and remained averted from us both, drooping over the back.
The rifle has a half magazine; the barrel is half round, half octagon; and it's a takedown model.
After all, we know he wants a strongly-run two miles at Cheltenham, so I can't believe he's not going to get two and a half round Aintree.